Our Goal

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Our goal is to provide you with A-level service at a price you can afford. From all the moves we’ve done as a company we realize one thing. Moving on your own can be stressful. It can be time consuming. And if not done properly, personal items can break. It’s a long process doing it on your own and we realize that. That is why your satisfaction and experience as our customer is what we consider most important.

Gold Cove Movers has put Extensive Training into each and every employee to offer professional, safe,  and reliable moving services. Coupled with years of experience that gives you the best rated move for you, your family, or your business. To top it off, we have taken additional measures to make sure our company and employees are both licensed and insured to give you the move that you deserve.

Gold Cove & Legacy Movers is licensed by the California Public Utility Commission. This is a certification that requires an exam on proper pricing for clients, quarterly audits, and can only be obtained after showing financial safety, proof of insurance and a criminal background check by the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If a company is not licensed, be weary of that company. It is against the law to operate as a mover of household goods without the proper channels for obtaining a license. We do everything in our power to cover all our grounds and we’re glad to have the opportunity to make you a lifelong customer of Gold Cove & Legacy Movers.